About Intent

Lindsay E. Klee, Founder, Intent Venture Management LLC, advises investor, R&D, life science and healthcare clients nationally. Lindsay has consulted for VC investors, manufacturers, payors, startups, has worked as part of the Belle Michigan LP General Partnership, consulted with numerous hospitals and has served as Executive Director, Managing Director, Commercialization Director for a variety of research institute/healthcare/university enterprises. She has created and directed multi-million dollar, private technology gap funding initiatives. She secured competitive capital for and managed an FDA-sponsored device and diagnostics consortium and privately assists teams and companies working toward product milestones, revenue growth, reimbursement/coding/coverage, funding and FDA submissions/compliance. Lindsay’s previous work experience also includes consulting for small, medium, and large enterprises (both independently and within the Healthcare and Life Science Divisions of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC). Her consulting efforts have focused on M&A/expansion decisions, deal structuring, feasibility studies, financial and business/commercial planning, reimbursement, clinical evidence/trials and regulatory compliance. She also has worked in technology transfer and in drug discovery as a scientist with Pfizer Global Research and Development.


Lindsay’s skill set is associated with multi-functional team leadership, technology revenue growth strategies/execution, payor/insurance advocacy, FDA compliance, deal strategy, healthcare operations, financial management, portfolio management, early-stage product development, & inter-disciplinary communications involving investors, C-suite/fiscal executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, academic administrators, payors, and physicians.


She has strong interests in fundraising/fund strategy, strategy/business planning, portfolio management, philanthropic giving, venture philanthropy, biomedical & healthcare technology development. She is a public health champion, ethical business and mindfulness advocate, avid bicyclist, swimmer, XC skater and alpine skier.


Investment & Financial

Investor Diligence, Deal Structuring, Financial Planning, M&A, Grant Writing/Fundraising


Business Planning, Market Opportunity, Clinical/Therapeutic Relevance Assessment, Intellectual Property Evaluation, Licensing/Contract Negotiation & Diligence, Manufacturer Selection

Regulatory & Reimbursement

Regulatory Submissions / Classification / Documentation, Revenue Growth Strategies and Execution, Reimbursement (coding/coverage/payment), Product Development Planning